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Busy 21st Century Mornings…

With the busy lives we are leading these days, technological advances taking over and society demanding more from us… we rush through life and often don’t get the nutritional requirements we need to be able to keep up with this crazy life.

More people are now becoming health conscious and watch what they put in their bodies. A recent trend of smoothies has taken over the world with mouth-watering recipes and promises of giving you that oh so important nutritional balance that you need. But how much nutrition do you really get from them?

That was definitely one of the thoughts behind creating ​Super Me Power Smoothies, where we didn’t want to just produce a fulfilling taste for your smoothie, but also make sure we included as many ingredients as possible that your body would love and thank you for.  

Whether you’re a young active yoga-loving spiritual creature or a constantly tired mum with little ones hanging off your arms, you are probably short on time especially in the mornings…

Here are some tips on starting your day in the best nutritionally-packed way possible – for both your body and mind:

“Me Time” in the morning

Set your alarm on 15 minutes before the time you need to get up, that way you won’t need to rush out of bed, but slowly awake. Resist the temptation of checking your phone for emails or social media to avoid becoming technology-focused for the whole day. Enjoy this time to wake up, stretch all ligaments and set those awesome goals for the day.  

Get that nutrition in ya!

So this is the time to look after your body and fill it with some delicious nutrition before your busy day. Make a quick ​Super Me Power Smoothie including a banana and some blueberries. This will provide you with great amount of nutrition and energy while saving you precious time making a huge breakfast in the morning. ​Super Me Power Smoothie's cacao offers theobromine which is a natural stimulant and also tryptophan which releases serotonin. All the ingredients have heaps of nutrients which boost your whole body’s cells. Enjoy!


Don’t let your days’ tasks overwhelm you…Simply practice deep breathing. Drop your shoulders, take a breath and focus your energy on breathing out any challenges on your mind. Remember to look after and love your body and mind, as these are some of the most precious things we have in life.

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