Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

As prescribed by the ANZ Food Code.

  • Omega 3 & 6 combined total of 3.0g per 50g serving or 5.9g AVG per 100g.
  • Any additional ingredients will increase the nutrition provided. 
  • 761KJ is equivalent to 181 Calories.
  • The above data is when mixed with water.

Supplemented Food Items:
~Curcumin C3 Complex
^Lactospore Shelf stable probiotic, 1 billion CFU per 68mg
^^BioPerine (Piperine) Black Pepper extract bioavailability enhancer


The ingredients used in our Super Me Power Smoothie are carefully chosen based on research into potential health benefits.

Click on the links below to access research papers at the US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health and National Center for Biotechnology Information below. 

"Let food be they medicine and medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates


Research Paper Links

Black Pepper Extract

Research Papers:

Cancer Chemoprevention and Piperine: Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Opportunities 

Enhancement of oral bioavailability and immune response of Ginsenoside Rh2 by co-administration with piperine

Piperine and Its Role in Chronic Diseases

Acute effects of a thermogenic nutritional supplement on cycling time to exhaustion and muscular strength in college-aged men


Research Papers:
Curcumin Protects an SH-SY5Y Cell Model of Parkinson's Disease Against Toxic Injury by Regulating HSP90.

Naturally occurring compounds as pancreatic cancer therapeutics.

Curcumin Improves Exercise Performance of Mice with Coronary Artery Ligation Induced HFrEF: Nrf2 and Antioxidant Mechanisms in Skeletal Muscle.

The effects of curcumin on the metabolic parameters of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Curcumin loading potentiates the neuroprotective efficacy of Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles in cerebellum cells of schizophrenic rats.


Research Papers:
Ashwaganda improves immune function by increasing Th1 (cell-mediated) immunity. - Article 2.

Ashwaganda attenuates withdrawal-induced anxiety due to chronic ethanol consumption.

Ashwaganda has significant blood sugar lowering, diuretic and cholesterol lowering effects.

A water extract of Withania somnifera has potent cytotoxic effect on human malignant melanoma A375 cells.

Ashwaganda contains compounds which may amerliorate neuronal dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease.

W. somnifera extract may be beneficial as a safe and effective adjunct to SSRIs in the treatment of OCD.

A ashwagandha water extract suppressed the tumor growth of glioma cells.

A multi-herbal product called Protandim exhibits chemopreventive properties in a mouse model of skin cancer.

Broccoli sprout powder

Research Papers:
Anti-Carcinogenic Glucosinolates in Cruciferous Vegetables and Their Antagonistic Effects on Prevention of Cancers.

Broccoli sprouts: An exceptionally rich source of inducers of enzymes that protect against  chemical  carcinogens 

Sulforaphane modulates telomerase activity via epigenetic regulation in prostate cancer cell lines.

Stimulation of suicidal erythrocyte death by sulforaphane.

Sulforaphane from Cruciferous Vegetables: Recent Advances to Improve Glioblastoma Treatment.


Research Papers:
Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects. 2nd edition.

Efficacy of Turmeric Extracts and Curcumin for Alleviating the Symptoms of Joint Arthritis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials

An Overview of Curcumin in Neurological Disorders

Cinnamon (Ceylon)

Research Papers:
Cinnamon use in type 2 diabetes: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis.

Cinnamon, a promising prospect towards Alzheimer's disease.

Cinnamon: A Multifaceted Medicinal Plant

Cinnamon extract lowers glucose, insulin and cholesterol in people with elevated serum glucose

Cinnamon extract induces tumor cell death through inhibition of NFkappaB and AP1.

Raw Cacao Powder

Research Papers:
Health benefits of cocoa.

Cocoa Polyphenols and Their Potential Benefits for Human Health

Enhancing Human Cognition with Cocoa Flavonoids

Cocoa, chocolate and cardiovascular disease

Chia seeds

Research Papers:
Chia seeds (Salvia hispanica): health promoting properties and therapeutic applications – a review

Clinical evidence on dietary supplementation with chia seed (Salvia hispanica L.): a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Coconut milk powder

Research Papers:
Coconut oil consumption and cardiovascular risk factors in humans

How does coconut oil affect cognitive performance in alzheimer patients?

Goji berry

Research Papers:
Anticancer effect of ethanol Lycium barbarum (Goji berry) extract on human breast cancer T47D cell line.

Goji berry effects on macular characteristics and plasma antioxidant levels.

Lycium barbarum L. (goji berry) fruits improve anxiety, depression-like behaviors, and learning performance: the moderating role of sex
Desicated coconut

Research Papers:
Coconut oil consumption and cardiovascular risk factors in humans

How does coconut oil affect cognitive performance in alzheimer patients?



Research Papers:
The Potential Benefits of Red Beetroot Supplementation in Health and Disease

Effects of beetroot juice supplementation on intermittent high-intensity exercise efforts

One Week of Daily Dosing with Beetroot Juice Improves Submaximal Endurance and Blood Pressure in Older Patients with Heart Failure and Preserved Ejection Fraction

Camu camu


Research Papers:
Treatment with camu camu (Myrciaria dubia) prevents obesity by altering the gut microbiota and increasing energy expenditure in diet-induced obese mice.

Dietary camu camu, Myrciaria dubia, enhances immunological response in Nile tilapia.

Antioxidant and Associated Capacities of Camu Camu (Myrciaria dubia): A Systematic Review



Research Papers:
Spirulina in Clinical Practice: Evidence-Based Human Applications

Hypolipidemic, Antioxidant and Antiinflammatory Activities of Microalgae Spirulina

Effects of spirulina consumption on body weight, blood pressure, and endothelial function in overweight hypertensive Caucasians: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial.

Pumpkin seeds

Research Papers:
Antihypertensive and cardioprotective effects of pumpkin seed oil.

The antiatherogenic, renal protective and immunomodulatory effects of purslane, pumpkin and flax seeds on hypercholesterolemic rats

Whole rolled oats

Research Papers:
Postprandial glucose and insulin responses to rolled oats ingested raw, cooked or as a mixture with raisins in normal subjects and type 2 diabetic patients.

Oats and cholesterol: the prospects for prevention of heart disease.


Hemp seeds are rich in protein, fibre, healthy fats and all nine essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein that help repair muscles, grow tissue, and support vital organs.  They also contain high amounts of vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc.

Research Papers:
The cardiac and haemostatic effects of dietary hempseed

The Effects of Hempseed Meal Intake and Linoleic Acid on DrosophilaModels of Neurodegenerative Diseases and Hypercholesterolemia


Research Papers:
Beyond Conventional Medicine - a Look at Blueberry, a Cancer-Fighting Superfruit.

Molecular Mechanism and Health Role of Functional Ingredients in Blueberry for Chronic Disease in Human Beings


Research Papers:
Studies on the antioxidant activities of natural vanilla extract and its constituent compounds through in vitro models.

Evaluation of antidepressant activity of vanillin in mice

Effect of Essential Oils on Pathogenic Bacteria

Monk Fruit

Monk fruit contains compounds that, when extracted, are natural sweeteners 300–400 times the sweetness of cane sugar but with no calories, no effect on blood sugar and contains powerful antioxidants called mogrosides.

Research Papers:
The biosynthetic pathway of the nonsugar, high-intensity sweetener mogroside V from Siraitia grosvenorii



Natural low sugar sweetener, fibre, 14 essential trace elements including potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.  

Research Papers:
Wound-healing properties of nut oil from Pouteria lucuma.

Evaluation of antihyperglycemia and antihypertension potential of native Peruvian fruits using in vitro models.


Bacillus Coagulans is a shelf stable probiotic strain that is therapeutically prescribed to patients in France and Germany for acute immune support and digestive disorders.  Research and clinical practice has shown strong evidence for B. coagulans’s ability to fight off invading viruses & pathogens. Bacillus coagulans typically lives in the digestive tract.

Research Papers:
LactoSpore Probiotic Granted IBS Health Claim in Canada

The efficacy of a synbiotic containing Bacillus Coagulans in treatment of irritable bowel syndrome: a randomized placebo-controlled trial.



    Super Me is formulated with highly nutritional ingredients, plus probiotics, turmeric and black pepper extracts. All ingredients are below GRAS levels (Generally recognised as safe). 

    However, if you are taking medication, pregnant or lactating, please consult your doctor or healthcare professional first.

    Probiotics: A 50g serving contains 1 billion probiotics (bacillus coagulans). High doses of probiotics are not recommended during breast feeding due to potential sensitivity to some infants.  GRAS is 2 billion per serve or 36 billion per day.

    Curcumin: Turmeric and curcumin may reduce lactation in high doses.  Each 50g serve contains 400mg of curcumin. GRAS is 3,000mg, so well within safe limits.

    Piperine: Black Pepper Extract has a GRAS of 13.7mg per day.  Each 50g serving contains 5mg, well within GRAS.  Piperine can enhance absorption of other medications.  Please consult your doctor first.

    Article link: