Keeping healthy during winter

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With temperatures dropping and windows staying closed, some viruses make themselves comfortable indoors, where they strive. It is really crucial that we help our immune system as much as we can to protect our precious bodies from any horrible illnesses during the cold season. Below we wanted to share our favourite tips of keeping yourself healthy this winter.  

Excersise regularly:

Just because it's miserable, cold and rainy outside, there is no reason to skip going to the gym! It has been scientifically proven that exercising improves your health and boosts immune system, so go on... keep up the good work lifting those weights or attending fun gym classes. Your body will love you back by being cold-free all winter and beyond. 

Sleep well and take it easy:

Lack of sleep dramatically affects your health. They say that you can go on longer without food than without sleep... it's that important! Lack of sleep can result in a decrease of white blood cells which help fight infection.

Take it easy and look after your mind as well. When we are stressed, we run on adrenaline, which burns vitamin C from our body, which in turn makes it easy for us to get sick. 

Boost your diet:

One of the key ingredients to boosting your immune system is eating foods high in Vitamin C. Food like lemons, kiwifruit, broccoli, capsicum and some other are all full of vitamin C, so make sure to include them in your diet. See a full list of foods containing vitamin C here ( 

Drink plenty of fluids especially hot ones during cold temperatures. Try hot water with lemon which isn't just comforting, but also healthy. 

Unfortunately during our busy life we sometimes forget to include recommended doze of fruit and veg in our diet, so having Super Me Power Smoothies every morning will take care of your daily vitamin intake and assure you get the best nutrients for the day. 

Super Me Power Smoothies offer a wide range of vitamins including Vitamin C which helps support your immune system.

Interested to know more? View this great check list of things to help keep your immune system healthy here. (   

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