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A number of friends have been diagnosed with cancer in the past 3 years.  So I have created this blog post to consolidate any information I find to be the most helpful or educational in the fight against different types of cancer. 

Some of these articles talk about the need to kills cancer stem cells.

You can now request your NZ doctor to apply for ministerial approval for using medicinal cannabis (cannabidiol) as a prescription medicine under the Medicines Act 1981.  Apparently Pharmac charges around $1200/month but I'm not sure if it is a natural CDB or THC or hybrid strain. - NZ Classification of Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol Treatment Information READ THIS FIRST - How cannabis oil works Rick Simpson article & recipe link Rick Simpson Facebook page BUY the Rick Simpson book The Rick Simpson Story - 52 minute video  UK approved website - BUY MHRA recognised Cannabidiol as medicinal. Sacred Plant Healing Secrets Documentary

Other Alternative Treatment Information Interesting information about 'Black Salve'





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