5 Simple Habits For A Healthier You!

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Needing a little motivation or some health tips to help you get your health back on track? It’s so easy for life and the ‘busy’ trap to get in the way of happiness and health. There is so much going on all the time that some people often push their health to the side line. If this is you, now is your time to shine and jump back on the health wagon to a healthier, happier you!

Remember small changes often the biggest difference and can create lifelong habits. I’ve put together a little ‘wellness plan’ for you to tackle this month. It’s simple, positive changes to help you bring your healthiest-self back!

  1. Hydrate with H2O!

We all we need to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water each day to maintain good health, but many people get too busy and forget to hydrate throughout the day. Our body requires water for so many cellular, detoxifying and metabolic processes - including energy production! So, if you’re feeling tired, it’s always a great idea to check in with yourself and make sure that you’ve had enough water to drink.

  1. Slow down for 5 minutes each day

Take some time each day to slow down, breathe and re-centre yourself. When you are constantly busy or “stressed” your body releases cortisol, a fat storing hormone. Too much cortisol can wreak havoc on our bodies. Put aside 5 minutes (10-15 minutes is even better) each day for yourself, to unwind and de-stress! This is important for helping to nourish your adrenal glands and signalling the nervous system to kick into the parasympathetic ‘rest and digest’ mode.

You could try to meditate, put your legs up against the wall, read a book, walk around the block, or simply just sit and focus on your breath, allowing your belly to rise and fall (breathing in for 4 counts, hold, then out for 4 counts), do this for 5 minutes.

  1. Drink your veggies!
    Drinking a smoothie or fresh vegetable juice daily is one on the simplest way to improve your overall health. It’s your ultimate natural liquid vitamin, delivering readily readily-absorbable nutrients straight into your body’s cells. The greener the better!
  1. Don’t skip breakfast!

Make it a habit to have a nutrient dense breakfast each morning. This way you know you’ve filled your body with real natural whole foods to keep your energy levels high. Make sure you have one good quality protein source with your meal. Protein helps to balance blood sugar levels, it also keeps you feeling satiated for longer periods of time throughout the day – helping you combat those dreaded 3pm sugar cravings. Good protein sources include eggs, nuts, seeds, protein powder. Try a protein smoothie, 2 poached eggs with 1 handful of leafy greens, ¼ avocado on sourdough or gluten free bread, overnight oats.

  1. Go back to the basics for a healthy sleeping routine

There are proven strategies to help you sleep better, this includes no screens (tablets, phone, laptops) for one hour before bed. Good quality sleep is vital for our health! When we sleep our body regenerates and repairs tissues, and engages in other restorative processes. Poor night time habits can play a huge role in how well we sleep or don’t sleep throughout the night. If we don’t get enough deep sleep, we can’t rejuvenate and heal properly, this is can lead to lack of energy, cravings, weight gain, fatigue. Make sure you get in those 7-8 hours each night! Try unwinding before bed with a little yoga routine next to your bed, read a book, have a bath, put your legs up against the wall, whatever works for you!

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