8 Quick Clean-Eating Snack Ideas To Boost Your Energy

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We’ve all been there—it’s between 3-4 p.m. and you start to crash. Lethargy starts to kick in, and your ‘hangry beast’ is about to erupt. It’s about now you may like to reach for that sugary snack or dash to the coffee shop for a quick pick-me-up.

The sugar and caffeine may give you a quick energy boost, but this generally doesn’t last long, then you start to crash and burn and the cycle continues.

To avoid your blood sugar levels going on a roller coaster ride and to keep the hangry beast at bay, you have to set your foundations up for success. You need to fuel yourself correctly, you need to fill your body with clean and real whole foods that provide you with not only energy, but nutrients to keep you going all day long.

If I know I’m going to have a busy day, I always make sure I’m prepared, and set myself up for success by preparing snacks which I can grab and go in the morning, or keep in my handbag. This helps me to keep my blood sugar levels stable, and helps me stay satiated between meals preventing the mid-afternoon crash.

They key is to make sure your snacks contain a protein source and/or a healthy fat source. Protein and fat helps to stablise blood sugar levels, keeps you fuller for longer and provides your body with essential nutrients to keep those energy levels high!

Here are some of my favourite, simple go-to clean-eating snacks to boost your energy!

Preparation and keeping it simple is the key here! I always put aside time on a Sunday to prep snacks for the week, I love making a big batch of chocolate bliss balls, homemade hummus and boiling up some eggs.

If you work in an office you can always keep some nut butter and rice cakes in a draw, carrots and hummus in the fridge, this makes it easy for you to have something to go-to for when the going gets tough. If you can’t sit down for a proper meal, prep a smoothie in the morning to enjoy later in day, fill up a zip lock bag with nuts and throw it in your handbag, grab a piece of fruit with some nut butter. Don’t let life get in the way of your health and wellness goals!

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