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Chad's daily smoothie is this:
400ml Water
50g Super Me (4 heaped tablespoons)
1 x Frozen peeled banana
3/4 Cup Frozen 3-berry mix
1 x Tablespoon Pics peanut butter 

Blend in a Nutribullet or Ninja.  Keeps me going for 4 hours!

Makes two tall glasses.  If a busy day I drink it all, otherwise I'll have half at breakfast (9am, after fasting) and the other half late morning.

MORE Recipe ideas at the bottom of the page :)
We all have our preferences when it comes to our taste buds. Super Me's incredibly nutrient-rich ingredients makes it taste very "earthy and natural", with some berry and spice notes.  We have some ideas at the bottom of the page.

Each 50gm sachet is approximately 4 heaped tablespoons.  Get a free stainless steel scoop with your first order.

    Super Me at it's BEST!
    If you want to enjoy Super Me to it's max, try playing around with various additions such as coconut water, almond milk, banana, berries, protein powder, peanut or almond butter, yoghurt, fresh fruit or vegetables, ice, and even pre soaking it overnight if you prefer it smoother.  I also prefer it chilled so use frozen or cold items where possible.


    1. Add your liquid first (this stops it getting stuck on the bottom)
    2. Pour in Super Me
    3. Add your favourite ingredients to your taste
    4. Blend or shake and drink (wait a few minutes for it to soften and thicken up)

    A Quickie!?
    If you're short on time or travelling overseas with access to only water and a cup/shaker, then you can still get a super nutritious meal quickly.

    • water (250ml)
    • 50g Super Me
    • shaker/cup

    In this case, I let it sit for 15 minutes while in the shower or leave it overnight in the fridge.  The dried ingredients absorb the liquid and thicken.  Drink quickly then clean your teeth afterwards!  ;-)


      • Add liquids to your container first so Super Me doesn't get stuck to the bottom of your shaker.
      • Change the amount of liquid depending on how thick you like it.
      • If you get it on clothes or benches, wipe or rinse immediately as the nutrient dense ingredients have the ability to leave yellow stains!
      • The sweetness of the berries and coconut increase as they absorb the liquid so try leaving it for 3 minutes.
      • Try peeling and freezing your bananas, SO HANDY!
      • Super Me is also amazing as porridge.  Give it a go!
      • We love using Almond butter from (http://vigourandvitality.co.nz/products)
      • Your taste buds develop over time, play around until you find your perfect recipe.

      Nutrition Facts
      Check out our nutrition facts page for information on where to find the m health benefits gained from each of the nutrient-rich ingredients each time you drink it.



      RECIPE #1 - Nutty Nana
      400ml water (can use other types of milk)
      50g Super Me (4 heaped tablespoons)
      1 x frozen banana (buy on special, peel and freeze pieces in container)
      1 x Tblspn peanut butter
      1/4 cup unsweetened yoghurt (just pour it in)

      RECIPE #2 - Berry Bliss
      400ml water (can use any types of milk)
      50g Super Me (4 heaped tablespoons)
      3/4 C x Frozen Berries (Pak n Save 1kg bags are great)
      1/4 C unsweetened yoghurt (just pour it in)

      RECIPE #3 - Gym Junkie
      400ml water
      (can use any types of milk)
      50g Super Me (4 heaped tablespoons)
      1 x frozen banana
      1 scoop of chocolate protein powder

      RECIPE #4 - Mango Magic Hangover Cure
      400ml water (can use any types of milk)
      50g Super Me (4 heaped tablespoons)
      1/2 C x Frozen Mango pieces (buy 1kg bags at Pak n Save)


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