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Meet the man behind the magic! Chad Carter, Founder of Super Me, explains the reason for beginning his journey into the world of superfoods and shares some valuable insights from his learnings.

What began your journey into the world of superfoods and alternative forms of medicine?

It was a shock to the system that really woke me up to the world of nutrition and superfoods. My uncle was the kind of guy who appeared fit and healthy on the outside; he played squash every week! However, when he had an electrocardiograph (ECG) it showed four blocked arteries. That was the moment I knew I had to look inward and I started looking up superfoods, and began by simply  adding beetroot to my smoothies. 

It snowballed from there! I researched even more and eventually I had about 15 staple items in my pantry, and as I discovered more I realised there was a gap in the market for quality, organic ingredients that didn’t cost a fortune and tasted great (that took a little perfecting, working with such earthy ingredients). 

When did you first come to appreciate the importance of superfoods and alternative forms of medicine?

Until I started on this journey, I’d never considered the impact food could have on your brain. That hit home when my dear nana got dementia and I watched my mum mourning her mum, and I wanted to take action. 

I researched dementia and discovered there are certain foods that are considered preventative and I knew I wanted mum to have them. I started with turmeric, curcumin (+black pepper extract), lions mane mushrooms and several other ingredients. Since mum is not a smoothie type person, she sprinkled them on her breakfast and we both knew she was getting a daily shot of beneficial nutrients. 

This explorative journey really opened my eyes to the lifestyle choices we make, and after losing five friends to cancer, this became an emotional process for me too. 

What are some misconceptions about the industry?

I think my main concern is around people assuming that some health foods and superfoods are simply a marketing ploy to get people to spend money. We want to educate people first and foremost, it’s about learning more about yourself and your body and what superfoods can help your body recover from inflammation and bad gut health.

Why should people care about superfoods, and why does it matter to you?

There is a famous quote by the Greek philosopher Hippocrates that is the backbone of everything we do: 

Let food be thy medicine 

And medicine be thy food

It helped me understand whatever we put in our mouths can be considered either medicine or poison. Learning about microbiome (gut health) has been life changing, it made me appreciate the power of nature and the impact diet can have on health. It sounds obvious, but diet is one of the number one contributors to illness and disease in the Western world. 

I love my family and friends and want them to live long happy lives, so our brand purpose in providing "Lifelong Wellness" is a tribute to that. 

If we take one step a day of giving our body something incredibly nutritious, the benefits include overall wellness, increased energy, improved mood and faster recovery.

How can people learn more about superfoods and the benefits of each?

During my research and through people I have spoken to, the prompt to discover more often comes with experiencing illness or watching someone else become unwell. My goal is to provide a hub of knowledge and information on Super Me, so people can use it as a foundation to learn and explore what’s right for them and their body.

If you could give one key insight from your learnings, what would it be?

Convenience. It’s why fast food is so popular. People want something quick and easy or else they won’t do it. We all have such busy lives - work, kids, housework, etc - health and wellness is often bottom of the pile. 

Super Me is simple and easy and uses the best ingredients in the world, at an affordable price. The price point is important to me as I want everyone to be able to have access to nutritious foods.

What’s it been like running a business that prides itself on supporting and having a positive impact on its customers?

With a mission to help all Kiwis learn about and have access to nutrition, I feel like it has given me a renewed sense of purpose. My goal is to bring together the community, look after the environment, and shine a light on mental health and wellness, through education and shared experiences. Knowing that people are changing their lives keeps me focused and motivated.

What do you love most about running Super Me?

Knowing that everyday, but taking small steps with big ambition, we are helping people feel and live better and reduce their risk of disease. Our goal is to support the wider ecosystem and provide sustainable and accessible education and products that help people make better lifestyle choices. I want to have control over my own destiny, and it started with learning about superfoods and nutrition and this is the path it has taken me on.

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