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I really want people to hear honest opinions out there so I can improve Super Me and people can find out what others are doing to make the most out of it.  So please comment away below :-D x


  • I have been using Super Me smoothies for going on 3 weeks and I have noticed the positive and healthy effects on my body. Plus it is so easy and convenient, being a full time working mum I found it to easy to skip meals, now I have this for breakfast or lunch. I am full, satisfied, I have energy and increases my overall mood. I no longer need a coffee to wake me up in the morning.
    Awesome product and highly recommended. And the postage is super fast!

    Steph Lucas on
  • Super Me new Super Smoothie pouches are fantastic product – all the macro and micro nutrients the body needs to kick start the day off! Highly recommend this to those wanting to make a serious upgrade to the nutrition/diet.
    Also great for those who travel alot for business – throw a few sachets in your suitcase.
    I see big things for this innovative company in 2017 :)

    Nick Collins on
  • Felt energy coming through within 2 hours of drinking the smoothie.
    Made me feel fresh, energetic and ready for action. Reduced tiredness, increased alertness/concentration.
    Tastes very earthy with no artificial taste. Adding frozen berries or fresh fruit improved the taste.
    I would absolutely have it again.
    SUPERME is your go to healthy source of the good stuff in a sachet — JUST ADD WATER.

    Ralph on
  • Amazing product. Carbs are a little high so use half a sachet and top it up with a scoop of protein mixed with half water and half milk. Makes it taste really good while getting key nutrients I need and makes it really cheap as a meal replacement.

    Julian on
  • These packets of gold are worth more than gold itself. I have so much more energy, I feel nourished, and I can feed it to the whole family to kick start their day. A true addict right hurrr xx

    Sylvie Burke on

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