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I really want people to hear honest opinions out there so I can improve Super Me and people can find out what others are doing to make the most out of it.  So please comment away below :-D x


  • I was introduced to Super Me while cleaning up my brain health and learnt how the ingredients are so beneficial to the brain I had to give it a go. I’ve been adding half a sachet to my smoothies every morning and I’ve instantly noticed the difference. I always feel awake and focused after having one and have so much more energy, not to mention being so keen for the day ahead of me even when I’m just heading into work! To make it better it’s the easiest and tastiest breakfast I’ve found plus it blends so well I never have to worry about big clumpy chunks of powder ruining my smoothies.

    Brittany on
  • Man did my thirties and two kids catch up with me. Stacking on weight, tired, and sick. I started going to the gym, but the weight kept packing on. Someone said “eat better”, but when was I supposed to find the time to do that? One day google came up with this stuff called “Super Me”. Its been 3 months now – I’ve needed to buy new jeans (smaller!), spring out of bed, and overall just feel great. The blender that had sat doing nothing for years is now used daily – and in 2 minutes I have a healthy breakfast/lunch ready to go. Thanks for making such a great product – seriously, if you’re looking for a ‘no gimmick’ smoothie that doesn’t cost hundreds – this stuff is just the best. Customer for life!

    Ben Martin on
  • As a new Mum to an eight month old baby I was feeling lethargic from many nights of broken sleep and early morning wake ups. Even though I was sleep deprived I still wanted to workout daily for my mental sanity however needed a supplement in my diet to help restore and boost my energy levels. Its only been two weeks of having a Super Me smoothie daily and I can honestly say my energy is far greater! I am also sleeping so much better and my concentration has increased. After my weight sessions I am also finding my body isnt as sore and my recovery is much faster. Thank you to Chad and the Super Me team for creating an amazing super food – I’m hooked!

    Kate Cameron on
  • I’ve been having a Super Me Smoothie every morning for a few weeks now and I am a believer!!! I’ve tried various smoothies and energy boosting supplements from many different suppliers. Most of them give you a boost for the first few days you use them and then fall flat. Super Me is showing no signs of falling into this trap :-) My energy levels are much higher then they have been for quite some time. All the other brands of smoothies I have tried have also, in my experience, failed to keep me full for very long. Super Me lasts around 4 hours for me every day and I’m barely using half a sachet! I take mine with a half cup of water, a banana, two tablespoons of natural greek yogurt and a half cup of mixed berries all chucked into my bullet. But the main bonus for me is how Super Me has effected my digestive/stomach issues. It’s a rare thing for me to find anything (food/supplements/smoothies/you name it) that doesn’t leave me in pain/with cramps. Super Me doesn’t. I can’t recommend this stuff enough! I’ve made sure my mum knows all about it and she’s just started morning Super Me’s too :-)

    Hana Ngarimu on
  • Loving the smoothies for breakfast every morning. Certainly noticed a bit of a kick in energy and warm fuzzy feelings… are you sure all the ingredients are legal? Doesn’t matter, works great. Glad to have found these now too.. our baby was born last week and she’s a beautiful little thing but loves to keep us up all night so the morning energy boost is keeping me alive at the moment :)
    Current having blended with banana, frozen blueberries, soy milk, raw egg, and a bit of 100% maple syrup.
    On a side note, thanks for also keeping packaging to a minimum. I really appreciate the simple sachets and paper bag packaging, without the acres of plastic that most products these days have. Keep it up!

    Harley Billington on

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